Freecell Halloween Solitaire

Eyeballs, and tombstones and cats, oh my!!! Solitaire just got a little scarier with the Halloween Freecell card game. Similar to Klondike Solitaire, the goal of Freecell is to move each card into the four upper right piles (slots marked with A), beginning with the Ace and ending with the King in the same suit. In this fast paced haunting card game, all cards are dealt face up on the tableau in eight columns.

To begin the card game, move cards within the tableau in alternating colors. Cards must be played in a descending order, for example you can move a black 2 onto a red 3. As soon as you free up an Ace, place it in one of the upper right slots and begin to build your suits. Anytime throughout the game, you can place a card in one of the empty reserve slots located in the upper left side. Cards can be removed from the reserve slots and placed onto a column or added to the suit piles.

Here's the awesome thing about Halloween Freecell--unlike other solitaire games that are mainly a card game of luck, this chilling game can be won every single time if you play your cards right! Study the cards and plan each move carefully. As soon as possible, move each King to an empty column to better your chances of winning. So go ahead, kick back and enjoy the game! And oh, watch what happens when you win a game! Baahh hahhh hahhh!!!

Solitaire Freecell Strategy

  • Alternate cards (black, red, black, etc.) within the tableau in descending order.
  • Move a card to one of the free cells if it helps you to move other cards on the tableau.
  • Place your Aces in the upper right slots early in the game.
  • Study and plan your moves because it's possible to win any given game of Freecell.


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