Halloween 4 Suit Spider Solitaire

What's just as good as watching a horror movie at Halloween time? Playing 4 Suit Spider Halloween Solitaire! This challenging game will have you pulling at your hair and screaming when you're able to conquer the game! 4 Suit Spider Solitaire is the highest level of difficulty among all the Spider Solitaire games.

4 Suit Spider is set up the same as regular or 2 Suit Spider. Cards are arranged in 10 columns on the tableau. The object of this card game is to place cards in descending order according to suit. However, to free up cards within the columns, a card of one suit may be placed on top of a card from a different suit. But player beware! If you want to move a sequence of cards, the sequence must contain cards of the same suit. What to do when you get stuck? Click on the stock pile and a new card will be added at the top of each column. Once you use up the five stock piles and can't make any more moves, the game is over.

Be sure to bring your best to this card game because 4 Suit Spider Halloween Solitaire is a tough bug to squish! This puzzle game will provide you with tons of fun and can be won if you dare play it long enough! Best of luck to you!!!

4 Suit Spider Goals

  • Ultimately, create sequences going down (K to A) according to suit.
  • Vacant columns may be filled with any face-up card or a sequence containing one suit.
  • It's better to have columns of mixed cards than to solely focus on suits.
  • Focus on turning the cards in the tableau face up over clicking on the stock pile.


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