Halloween Spider Solitaire

Ready for a frightening fun version of the classic card game of Solitaire? Then check out Halloween Spider Solitaire! The object of this puzzle solitaire game is to form eight sets of cards, beginning with the King and ending with the Ace. Halloween Spider Solitaire is played with two decks of cards. Cards are dealt into ten columns on the tableau with six cards in the first four columns and five cards in the rest of the columns. Only the top card of each column is face up. The remaining cards form five stock piles.

Click on a card to move it to one of the columns. Cards need to be built downward. For instance, click on a 5 and place it on a 6. A sequence of cards can be moved at one time. If you have a 4-3-2, you can place the sequence on the 5. As soon as you form a run of K through A, the cards will vanish. Can't make any more moves? Click on the stock pile and a new card will be added to each column.

Have a bewitching fun time as you play Halloween Spider Solitaire! Once you get the hang of the game, try the 2-suit or 4-suit Spider game for a bigger challenge. Of course the more you play this game, the greater you'll feel like a Zombie from staying up and conquering the game. But after all, Zombies are fashionable this time of the year!

Spider Solitaire Halloween Tips

  • Move and place cards in descending order.
  • Any top card or sequence can be placed in an empty column.
  • All columns must contain at least one card before you can click on the stock pile.
  • When you run out of moves, click on the stock pile for additional cards.


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