3 Card Klondike Halloween Solitaire

Solitaire gets eerier with 3 Card Klondike Halloween Solitaire. Flipping three cards at a time makes Klondike Solitaire a bit more interesting and difficult, and is perfect for the Solitaire Halloween Klondike player looking for a challenge! The ultimate goal of Three Card Klondike is to place all the cards into the upper four slots (slots marked as A), corresponding to their suit from Ace to King.

Klondike Solitaire Three Card, Halloween-style, is played just like its one card counterpart. Create stacks in the tableau by switching colors and working in a descending order from K to Ace. When you reveal an empty space in the tableau, play a King in the space. You can't start a new pile with anything but the King. Cards will flip over three at a time. Only the top of the three can be selected at each time. Use the top card and the middle card will slide up into the first slot and is now available for game play! Yikes! What happens when you run out of cards? No worries! Simply click on the X and you'll be able to go through the deck again. Continue to go through the deck of cards until you win the game or run out of moves.

Have a spooky fun time playing our Halloween version of Klondike Three Card Solitaire! It may take you a few tries to win at the card game, but that's what makes it fun and challenging! Beware of the eyeball, spider, witch's hat and more! Happy Halloween!

Klondike Solitaire Strategy

  • Each time you click on the waste deck, three cards will automatically flip over.
  • Play your Aces in the upper four slots as soon as possible.
  • Move a King to any open column.
  • Utilize the waste deck as many times as you wish.


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