Halloween Wasp Solitaire

Halloween Wasp Solitaire is a terrifying terrific version of the fun loving card came of Solitaire. At the start of the game, cards are arranged into seven columns. You'll see that some of the cards in the first four columns are face down. The goal of Wasp is to form four columns of cards, according to suit, in a King to Ace arrangement. Very similar to Scorpion, you can move a number of cards at once, as long as you form a sequence between the card you're playing on and the immediate card you place on top of it.

In this hauntingly fun game, any face up card can be placed in an empty column of the tableau. This is different than the usual rule of just moving Kings to vacant spaces. Thus, think through the game and plan your moves carefully. If you run out of moves, click on the stock pile and three cards will be added to the last three columns. You can only do this once.

Your chances of winning at Wasp Solitaire are pretty good if you strategize just right. Once you win a hand, watch what happens to your screen! Boo! This puzzle card game will keep you entertained and provide hours of gruesome great fun! You'll want to return and play the card game over and over.

Wasp Solitaire Strategy

  • Arrange cards in descending order, according to suit.
  • Try to turn over the face down cards early in the game.
  • Any card can be placed in a vacant column within the tableau.
  • Use the stock pile toward the end of the game unless you're out of moves.


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